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Sport specific test seminars at GIH

Swedish federation for tests in sport and health

Welcome to a two-day spring seminar about sport specific testing at GIH in Stockholm, 15-16th April 2015. See more in Swedish at Centrum för Idrottsforskning (CIF).

Download the invitation here.


In Swedish

Svensk förening för tester inom idrott och hälsa

Plats: Gymnastik- och idrottshögskolan, GIH Lidingövägen 1, Stockholm

Schema Onsdag 15 april
10:30-13:00 Registrering i GIH:s huvudentré

11:30-12:30 Lunch i samarbete med Rodby Innovation AB (lokal: Sportbaren)

Föreläsningar kl 13:00-15:10 i Aulan

13:00-13:10 Arrangörsteamet hälsar välkomna!

Presentation av Gymnastik- och idrottshögskolan, GIH
Karin Henriksson-Larsén, professor och rektor, GIH

Presentation av Åstrandlaboratoriet
Björn Ekblom, professor emeritus, GIH

Presentation av Laboratoriet för tillämpad idrottsvetenskap
Johnny Nilsson, professor, Högskolan Dalarna & GIH

Presentation av Laboratoriet för biomekanik och motorisk kontroll
Toni Arndt, professor, GIH

14:50- 15:10
Boomerang – Automatiska system för kvalitetssäkring som uppfyller regulatoriska krav på loggning och dokumentation
Per Hammargren, Boomerang/ICU Scandinavia AB

15:10-15:40 Pausförtäring i samarbete med Boomerang/ICU Scandinavia AB (lokal: LTIV)

15:40-17:10 Rundvandring i GIH:s tre laboratorier (med demonstrationer i labben)

17:30-18:15 Träningspass i samarbete med SATS ELIXIA AB (lokal: Gymnastiksal 1)

19:00 Mingel och middag i samarbete med SATS ELIXIA AB och Intramedic AB (lokal: Sportbaren)

Schema Torsdag den 16 april
Föreläsningar kl 08:30-16:00 i Aulan

Hälsotester – Utveckling av pyramidtesten för beräkning av kondition
Eva Andersson, docent, GIH

Evidensbaserade tester inom kajakpaddling inför Paralympics – från avancerade mätningar i labbet till enkla tester i praktiken
Anna Bjerkefors, PhD och Johanna Rosén, MsC, GIH

Är det ett bättre alternativ att använda individuell anaerob tröskel utifrån en modifierad D-max beräkning i stället för den klassiska 4mmol för enskilda individer?
Mikael Mattsson, PhD, GIH

10:10-10:40 Pausförtäring i samarbete med Fysiotest AB (lokal: LTIV)

Mätning av löpekonomi – aspekter kring löpbandens prestanda samt egna synpunkter på och erfarenhet av kvalitetskontroll och underhåll
Lennart Gullstrand, PhD, Idrottsfysiologiska laboratoriet, RF-Bosön

Produktutbud av löpband – specifikationer, kvalitetskontroll och underhåll Christina Lundbäck, Intramedic AB

Produktutbud av löpband – specifikationer, kvalitetskontroll och underhåll
Ove Öberg, Rodby Innovation AB

Kvantitativ löpekonomi och teknikanalys med 3D-kameror – snabbt, enkelt och för alla!
Fredrik Gustavsson, PhD, Motionmetrix AB

Kundanpassad produktutveckling av testcyklar
Jonas Hermansson, produktchef Monark Exercise AB
Mattias Andrén, försäljningsansvarig Skandinavien Monark Exercise AB

13:00-14:00 Lunch i samarbete med Monark Exercise AB (lokal: Sportbaren)

EKF product range of lactate analyzers – quality control and maintenance
Gave Jones, produktspecialist, EKF Diagnostics AB i Tyskland

Information och frågestund – mätning av VO2 med Oxycon mobile och Pro
Christina Lundbäck, Intramedic AB

Avslutning och information från styrelsen samt diskussion om föreningens utveckling
Arrangörer och styrelsen med flera

Golf training camp in Portugal

Superstart 2015 with and Golf Plaisir

I’m in currently in Portugal on Montado GC for the annual golf Supercamp, arranged by and Golf Plaisir. I’m there together with about 80 players and my coach colleagues Marlene Hedblom, KG Nissen, Hempa Lundqvist och Viktor Gustavsson.

My station is aimed at educating the players about the physical laws of impact and ball flight, so they can make accurate conclusions of needed drills. We used simple tools such as marker pens, head covers and shafts to get feedback.

Also, TrackMan was used to get a detailed measurement of the impact and ball flight (see what the TrackMan measurements means here). Read more about Supercamp on travel blog.

* Top image: Doing the helicopter drill for spine and plane control. Photo: Sylvia Luther.







PhD thesis – Insights from Golf Ball Striking

Bimanual Movement Control: Insights from Golf Ball Striking

Congratulations to Dr. Fredrik Tinmark, who defended his PhD thesis 12th of November 2014 at GIH in Stockholm, Sweden. Opponent was professor John Rasmussen from Aalborg University.

The name of the thesis is “Bimanual Movement Control: Insights from Golf Ball Striking” and it contained four papers, where I had a part in two of them:

1. Tinmark, F., Hellström, J., Halvorsen, K., & Thorstensson, A. (2010). Elite golfers’ kinematic sequence in full-swing and partial-swing shots. Sports Biomechanics, 9(4), 236-244.

2. Halvorsen, K., Tinmark, F., & Arndt, A. (2014). The concept of mobility in single- and double handed manipulation. J Biomech.

3. Tinmark, F., Arndt, A., Ekblom, M., Hellström, J., & Halvorsen, K. Endpoint control in a bimanual striking task. Submitted.

4. Tinmark, F., Arndt, A., & Halvorsen, K. Using Motion Analysis and Pressure sensitive sensors for determining normal forces when gripping a cylinder. Manuscript.



The aim of this thesis was to gain insight into the control of complex bimanual movements that are both fast and accurate. For this, skilled golf ball striking was used as a model in two experimental studies (I and III). The thesis also includes two methodological studies (II and IV), intended to assist in present and future investigation on bimanual movement control.

Study I shows a common kinematic proximal-to-distal sequencing (PDS) pattern and speed-summation effect in skilled golf players of both genders. Using a common PDS movement strategy in golf ball striking at various endpoint speeds appears beneficial from mechanical and control points of view and could serve the purpose of providing both high speed and accuracy. In Study II a general expression for mobility was derived, which can be applied for extending the theory of mobility to double-handed grasping and manipulation. Study III found that kinematic contributions to endpoint velocity at slow, medium and fast test conditions were provided by the same subset of possible joint rotations. However, the specific subset differed between levels of expertise. The inertial behavior of the linkage arms-hands-club promoted movement parallel to and resisted movement orthogonal to the club path close to ball impact, at all endpoint speeds investigated. These findings extend previous knowledge regarding endpoint control in single-limb movements. Moreover, results regarding movement organization in Study I together with results in Study III regarding inertial behavior suggest the existence of limb configurations able to simultaneously exploit intersegmental dynamics and endpoint mobility in a proficient manner. To make the control of intersegmental dynamics in bimanual striking transparent, however, torques originating from segmental interactions should be determined. However, when hands are placed next to each other or are overlapping it becomes challenging to find placements for standard force sensors which allow separation of right and left hand forces without altering normal behavior. As partially explored in Study IV, pressure mapping of the right hand together with inverse dynamics calculations for the golf club can potentially provide an adequate solution.


Dr. Fredrik Tinmark in defence of his PhD thesis.

Golf test week at RIG Uppsala

We have had the bi-annual test week at RIG Uppsala, which is one of two national golf high schools in Sweden. I performed GBD 3D biomechanical and TrackMan ballflight analysis. They also did fitness and equipment tests, combining more information into an action plan. Matz Evensson did the equipment analysis and Ultimate Performance did the fitness screening. All supervised and integrated into action plans by the RIG coaches Martin Pettersson and Ronnie Andersson.

Swedish TrackMan Educations!

TrackMan University Education in Sweden

Join us for a day of learning as we review some of the most important research and findings uncovered by TrackMan over the last 10 years. The TrackMan University material will enhance your fitting and teaching.

Join the TrackMan team for a day of presentations and hands-on sessions that will improve your understanding of golf’s key fundamentals. The workshop is designed for a beginner to intermediate level of understanding. It is not a prerequisite to be a TrackMan client or to bring a TrackMan.

  • Understand Impact
  • Fit and teach better
  • Exclusive, Tour player examples
  • Optimize impact and ball trajectories

Key Speakers
Dr. John Hellström (TrackMan Master)
Niklas Bergdahl (TrackMan)
Nikhil Dhawan (TrackMan)

The agenda covers the curriculum for TrackMan University Level 1 and Level 2 including:

Golf research ready for the Gold Coast

World Scientific Congress of Golf in Australia 2014

I recently got a message from the WSCG Organising Committee that my abstract “has been accepted for a podium presentation at the World Scientific Congress of Golf 2014 to be held at QT Gold Coast from 5 – 7 September 2014″. I am excited to go there!

US Open course and score development

I have statistically investigated the US Open development over the years, and written about it in an abstract named “US Open Womens’ And Mens’ Course Distances And Winning Golf Scores.”

I look forward to meet up with all excellent researchers and top coaches, to listen and discuss new research related to golf performance. Will you come? See more info below the image.


The Glades

Invitation to the WSCG conference

Welcome to the golf scientific conference,

On behalf of Griffith University and the World Scientific Congress of Golf, I would like to invite you to join us on the Gold Coast for Golf Science: A World Scientific Congress of Golf to be held from Friday 5 – Sunday 7 September 2014 at QT Gold Coast.

This will be the first time that this golf-specific international conference will be held in the Australasian region and will be an exciting opportunity for researchers, health professionals and golf coaches to come together to present research, discuss ideas and collaborations and, of course, play some golf on some of the Gold Coast’s most beautiful golf courses.

The conference will feature international and national speakers with a mix of podium and poster presentations, keynote addresses, a lively debate and the traditional and highly competitive “Home vs International

Golf, fitness, education

Golf education for physiotherapists

From body to score

Place: Nerja Costa Tropical, Costa del Sol, Spain
Duration:  1 week, spring 2014

Physiotherapist section for Physical Activity and Sports Medicine with physiotherapist Uwe Hallman, arranged a block 3 sports medicine advanced education for physiotherapists, with the aim to increase the knowledge of working with golfers physique and club level. The golf physiotherapists Petra Jonsson and Kent Eriksson were there too, to support the education. I discussed the link between tournament rankings, scoring, ball flight, impact, swing and physique. Some topics were motor control adapted to golf, biomechanics of the golf swing (including research with 3D, EMG activity etcetera). The physiotherapists used GolfPyramid to input and analyse their game stat, and kept track with the logbooks using computers or iPhones. We also did a lot of motor control exercises and tests. More general info about them can be read in the book “Golfens fysiska träning” (swe) and “Golf Science” (eng). Here is a short film showing an exercise during the coordination training, called “the helicopter”.

TrackMan updates TPS 3.1

New TPS golf radar software is released

By a single click of a button, TrackMan’s OPTIMIZER instantly displays the potential of any given shot! Complex data parameters are transformed into easy-to-understand visuals helping both teacher and student to progress faster and more effectively.

The new free TrackMan Camera app records high-speed HD video and sends it wirelessly and auto- matically to your TPS software. Using the TrackMan IIIe radar, tablet, and iPhone (or iPad), you now have a super portable data and video analysis solution.

Manual recording provides TrackMan owners with a stand-alone video analysis system. Video can be recorded and
analyzed within the TPS software without having the radar available. Record and analyse practice swings with single click recording.


TrackMan Optimizer Introduction from TrackMan on Vimeo.

Biomechanics, golf, national team

Testing RIG Uppsala golfers

Biomechanical analysis

I did 3D, TrackMan, and high-speed videos of the players’ full swings, together with RIG Uppsala coach Ronnie Andersson. RIG Coach Martin Pettersson did biomechanical putting analysis using SAM putt lab and Putt gates. All players also did fitness tests. These data are now being further analysed and integrated into a new goals and action plans. It’s great to see how many players that have done great improvements.

Movement puzzle and club delivery data

As more coaches have access to radar equipment such as TrackMan and FlightScope, we can see a general coach trend to search for certain club delivery data. However, the club delivery can be done with more or less injury prone ways, and more or less precision and possibility of adaptation to different lies and demands on course. Thus, the 3D measurement is a critical part of the technical analysis.