3D Analysis

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Don’t guess when you can measure

Today’s top coaches know that experts must cooperate to help the players optimally. Players and coaches have under the last decade started to work with physiotherapists, PTs, and mental advisers. Biomechanists are the recent addition. The contribution you can get to your network is a scientific approach in measuring and analyzing you player’s technique, and to increase the knowledge of the relation between technique and physique. The goal is to decrease the score by maximizing accuracy and precision, maximize power when needed, and minimize the risk of injuries.



Golf Biodynamics

By using advanced 3D equipment, we can today measure and analyze technical details that can’t be seen by eye or video. Get to know your players timing, kinematic sequence, X-factor and X-factor stretch, and much more. By making research on a large database of the world’s top players, and correlating that with ball striking abilities and fitness analyzes, we know more and more about what makes a swing efficient. Now you can get access to the these analyzes and the newest research by booking a day with 3D.

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