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Sport specific test seminars at GIH

Swedish federation for tests in sport and health Welcome to a two-day spring seminar about sport specific testing at GIH in Stockholm, 15-16th April 2015. See more in Swedish at Centrum för Idrottsforskning (CIF). Download the invitation here.   In Swedish Svensk förening för tester inom idrott och hälsa Plats: Gymnastik- och idrottshögskolan, GIH Lidingövägen 1, Stockholm Program…
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Golf training camp in Portugal

Superstart 2015 with and Golf Plaisir I’m in currently in Portugal on Montado GC for the annual golf Supercamp, arranged by and Golf Plaisir. I’m there together with about 80 players and my coach colleagues Marlene Hedblom, KG Nissen, Hempa Lundqvist och Viktor Gustavsson. My station is aimed at educating the players about the physical laws of impact…
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PhD thesis – Insights from Golf Ball Striking

Bimanual Movement Control: Insights from Golf Ball Striking Congratulations to Dr. Fredrik Tinmark, who defended his PhD thesis 12th of November 2014 at GIH in Stockholm, Sweden. Opponent was professor John Rasmussen from Aalborg University. The name of the thesis is “Bimanual Movement Control: Insights from Golf Ball Striking” and it contained four papers, where I had a part in…
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Golf test week at RIG Uppsala

We have had the bi-annual test week at RIG Uppsala, which is one of two national golf high schools in Sweden. I performed GBD 3D biomechanical and TrackMan ballflight analysis. They also did fitness and equipment tests, combining more information into an action plan. Matz Evensson did the equipment analysis and Ultimate Performance did the fitness…
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Swedish TrackMan Educations!

TrackMan University Education in Sweden Join us for a day of learning as we review some of the most important research and findings uncovered by TrackMan over the last 10 years. The TrackMan University material will enhance your fitting and teaching. Join the TrackMan team for a day of presentations and hands-on sessions that will…
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The large golf magazine and web portal made an interview with me about US Open. See the video in Swedish about US Open course and game stats here. Follow the men’s US Open here, and the women’s US Open here.

Golf research ready for the Gold Coast

World Scientific Congress of Golf in Australia 2014 I recently got a message from the WSCG Organising Committee that my abstract “has been accepted for a podium presentation at the World Scientific Congress of Golf 2014 to be held at QT Gold Coast from 5 – 7 September 2014″. I am excited to go there!…
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Golf, fitness, education

Golf education for physiotherapists

From body to score Place: Nerja Costa Tropical, Costa del Sol, Spain Duration:  1 week, spring 2014 Physiotherapist section for Physical Activity and Sports Medicine with physiotherapist Uwe Hallman, arranged a block 3 sports medicine advanced education for physiotherapists, with the aim to increase the knowledge of working with golfers physique and club level. The golf…
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TrackMan updates TPS 3.1

New TPS golf radar software is released By a single click of a button, TrackMan’s OPTIMIZER instantly displays the potential of any given shot! Complex data parameters are transformed into easy-to-understand visuals helping both teacher and student to progress faster and more effectively. The new free TrackMan Camera app records high-speed HD video and sends it…
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Testing RIG Uppsala golfers

Biomechanical analysis I did 3D, TrackMan, and high-speed videos of the players’ full swings, together with RIG Uppsala coach Ronnie Andersson. RIG Coach Martin Pettersson did biomechanical putting analysis using SAM putt lab and Putt gates. All players also did fitness tests. These data are now being further analysed and integrated into a new goals and action plans.…
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