Golf training camp in Portugal

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Golf training camp in Portugal

Superstart 2015 with and Golf Plaisir

I’m in currently in Portugal on Montado GC for the annual golf Supercamp, arranged by and Golf Plaisir. I’m there together with about 80 players and my coach colleagues Marlene Hedblom, KG Nissen, Hempa Lundqvist och Viktor Gustavsson.

My station is aimed at educating the players about the physical laws of impact and ball flight, so they can make accurate conclusions of needed drills. We used simple tools such as marker pens, head covers and shafts to get feedback.

Also, TrackMan was used to get a detailed measurement of the impact and ball flight (see what the TrackMan measurements means here). Read more about Supercamp on travel blog.

* Top image: Doing the helicopter drill for spine and plane control. Photo: Sylvia Luther.








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